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If you are cherishing the idea of spending your vacations with the green beauty, then step into a country boat and you get a pleasure cruise through the narrow canals.

The backwater beauty is depends on the narrow canals. To enjoy the wide varieties of sceneries and freshness of narrow canals we want take a canoe trip. This trip will explain every eye of the narrow canals in the backwater. While cruising through these canals in a canoe boat we would come across many interesting aspects of day to day life in the land as well as on water. We can see the flourishing paddy fields, coconut lagoons & isolated islands. We can also enjoy the lifestyles of the villagers while walking through the paddy fields. During the cruises we would also be able to check out the procedure involved in fishing & shepherding ducks to new pastures. "Alleppey Backwater Trip" offers a wide verity of narrow canal packages for our valuable guests.